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Summer 2016

Bottleneck buster
Innovatvie bed-management software enhances patient flow

Troubled waters
Most drowning deaths are easily preventable, says a leading expert

In pursuit of a dream
Indigenous students explore careers in health care

Summer fun!
Eight healthy ways to keep your kids active

Close to the heart
The cardiac team at St. Boniface Hospital has become the first in North America - and only the second in the world - to successfully use a stent graft to repair a tear in the ascending aorta of a patient, an approach that eliminates the need for open-heart surgery and increases the odds that the patient will survive

Look out!
Serious eye problems can creep up slowly, expert says

Making memories
Summer allows grandparents and kids to build close relationships that will last forever

Eat like a Brazilian
2016 Olympic host strikes gold with new dietary guidelines